How you can help us

Hilbrae Angel

Become a Hilbrae Angel by donating a monthly amount to help keep the dogs safe until they find a home.


Dog Walkers

We are always grateful for dog walkers. No need to call, just turn up on the day. You can walk the dogs between 12.00-4.00pm


Charity Shops


We have 2 charity shops in Telford, one in Dawley and the other in Oakengates, We are always glad of any donations to sell. (please no knives or electricals)


Could you save us your used British and foreign stamps? We can sell them to help raise money for the dogs. You don't need to trim them, just tear off the corner of the envelope. You can either drop them off at kennels, post them to us or drop at our charity shop in Oakengates or Dawley

Amazon Wish List

If you would like to buy something for our dogs awaiting homes then you can view our Amazon wish list here

Please remember to include your name on any orders so we know who has sent it and can thank you.


We have over 50 dogs here at the kennels so we are very grateful of food donations. We can also make use of any old bedding that is no longer needed. Things like duvets, towels and sheets. Please no pillows as the dogs tend to rip the stuffing out of them.



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