How can you help? Donations of food, bedding, toys or of course cash are always welcome. Any money donated goes directly to the welfare of the dogs and is not lost in administration or other hidden costs. Veterinary and advertising costs take up a large part of our budget. Sadly many owners abandon their dogs when faced with large vet. bills so dogs come to us already needing treatment. Advertising is also necessary to keep us in the public eye in order to find homes for the dogs. New dogs arrive every single day so kennel space is always tight, the search for homes is never ending. We are always glad of dog walkers in the afternoons (16 years or older). We have safe lanes or an enclosed paddock where visitors can simply spend time with the dogs. It's good for the dogs and can help owners get over the loss of a much loved pet especially if they are not yet ready to take on a new one. © Hilbrae Kennels 2013 Made with Xara Hilbrae’s main aim is to find homes for all the dogs - not be a place where they waste their lives in kennels. Visit our Dogs Page to see some of the 70+ Rescue Dogs we have at Hilbrae.