About Hilbrae Hilbrae Pets Hotel is a family run concern where animals come first. We have Boarding Kennels which caters for dogs, cats, small pets and cage birds. Click here for more information about our Pets Hotel. We also have Rescue kennels where the stray and abandoned dogs from Telford and Newport stay while waiting for their owners to reclaim them or until new homes are found. No stray dogs are ever destroyed. We are also the area Kennel for Dobermann Rescue Ltd taking unwanted and abandoned Dobermanns from Shropshire and the West Midlands. We are open 7 days a week 9am till 6pm for the Boarding Kennels and 12.30 till 4.30 for the Rescue dogs. Inspection is invited for new boarding customers, Visitors to see the rescue dogs are also very welcome. Micro-Chipping All the dogs re-homed from Hilbrae are micro-chipped with the new owners details before they leave but we will also micro-chip anyone's dog at a discount rate of £10.00 Micro-chipping is an excellent way of ensuring a lost dog is returned to it's owner quickly in the event that it loses its collar or tag (Which it should always be wearing). It also means that ownership can be proved in the event of a dog being stolen. It is VITAL though, that Pet Log, the database for micro chip details, is informed of any changes of detail particularly phone numbers. We get lots of stray dogs who are chipped but find that the phone numbers listed are obsolete which means we can't inform their owners that the dogs are safe in the kennels. © Hilbrae Kennels 2013   Hilbrae's main aim is to find homes for all the dogs - not to be a place where dogs waste their lives stuck in a kennel. View our Guestbook   Made with Xara